On change…

The key to keeping life from driving one to insanity, at least from my perspective, is to embrace change as much as possible. Or at least get to a point of acceptance because change is inevitable. The Buddhists got it right by teaching that the best way to “happiness” is to achieve a state of non-attachment. But oddly, I was never able to really embrace Buddhism because of that very same non-attachment. I like to be really immersed in things. To feel the full range of human emotion, no matter that it makes me uncomfortable, angry, grumpy, morose, or what have you. Over the years I have come to accept that if I let go and just see what happens, things usually work out all right anyway, and I have spared myself the emotional exhaustion of trying to get life to bend to my will (which never works anyway). What I am learning is that change can spur creativity if I let it. The problem is that I have not yet learned quite well enough how to get out of my own way.

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