“All is creation, all is change, all is flux, all is metamorphosis”

So wrote Henry Miller in 1944 in his essay “Of Art and the Future.” On this, what would have been his 123rd birthday, I felt the need to revisit some of my favorite quotes of his. Whatever anyone thinks of his writing (and I think he was a genius), he was someone who lived life to the full, capturing in words all the experiences he had, the places he lived, the people he met, and did not “clean them up” for the tastes of a genteel population. He was true to both himself and his readers.

One of the best videos of him is a three-minute interview that I found on YouTube that was filmed when he was on his deathbed. He mused about not knowing what the afterlife was like, or if there even was one — “I guess I’ll find out soon,” he said. At the same time he noted that if there was a god, he had a lot of explaining to do about the state of the world. But what really impressed me was that he lived fully even so close to death. His last words to the interviewer were “I’m alive to the end!” And so he was. So may we all be.

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