Some thoughts on gun violence in America


Since even before Stoneman Douglas, people in the rest of the civilized world have often wondered why it is that gun deaths in America are so ubiquitous. Certainly, the pathetic lack of strong regulations keeping dangerous weapons from people who should not have access to nail clippers, let alone an AR-15, has something to do with it. Yet there are other countries in the world in which people own guns, but they do not randomly murder scores of people with the frequency that Americans do. Why is that?

The real problem is that the culture in America is one of “every man for himself.” People in other countries, such as Europe, understand that by contributing to the common good, everyone’s life is better. To take just one example, as a healthy person I pay for someone else’s cancer treatment—or pay for their baby’s emergency heart surgery—through my taxes and nominal insurance payments. But should I need that same help one day, I can rest assured I will be taken care of. Not so in America. There, if you don’t have absurdly costly health insurance (which still often won’t pay for the entirety of a procedure), it’s too bad, sucker, you’re on your own! It’s the country of “I’ve got mine, so screw everyone else.”

America is also a country of wage slavery. And although I don’t take the term “slavery” lightly, that’s exactly what it is. People struggle on a daily basis to make enough money just to keep a roof over the heads of themselves and their children, and to feed and clothe them. This should not be the case in a country as wealthy as the US. There is also no job security whatsoever in America, like there is in other Western countries. If someone loses their job, there is no safety net. They can be out on the street the next day. Even the middle class are afraid to lose their job because their health insurance would also go out the window. Americans have no other options if they want to survive. They are trapped. Land of the Free, my ass.

And protest? How can people protest effectively when they can’t dare miss a day of work? The only thing that will make the Powers That Be sit up and listen is if the country as a whole refuses to work. If everyone did that for a week, the whole economy would come to a screeching halt and Americans would finally get what people in almost all other developed countries are entitled to. But they will not band together with their brothers and sisters because they are afraid; the culture has trained them to fight each other rather than the rotten, corrupt system under which they are enslaved.

Guns are the only thing they have. Guns are for people who are fearful. Fearful of what they have being taken from them. Fearful that one small setback will have them living on the street. Fearful that foreigners are going to steal their miserable bad-paying jobs.

Nobody cares about them. They have been raised to understand that the only important Americans are the wealthy ones. The ones who own large corporations, who buy the politicians so as to effectively funnel the profits from what the workers produce to the people who have done nothing to earn it—who can’t possibly ever spend all the money they make. Income inequality is the worst it’s been since the days of the robber barons and nobody cares enough to do anything about it.

And because nobody cares about protecting the poor and struggling—either the government or their fellow Americans—they rely on their guns for protection. People are desperate, and they are suffering. With that many frightened, angry people with easy access to firearms, is it any wonder there are so many gun deaths each day?

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